Exam Prep Course

Exam Prep Home Study Course                                                                                                                    $279.00

The Exam Prep Course gives you an edge when taking the National Home Inspection Examination (NHIE) Test. NHIE is the test that is used by Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and by most State Home Inspection Boards. If you need help passing the test, this is the course for you. The intricate test will be less complicated once you have studied ABC’s Exam Prep Home Study Course.  This course was implemented by the most highly competent instructors in the south.  The course will teach you problem solving skills and methods to help reduce the difficulty of passing the NHIE test. Study guide is included in course cost. Approved by the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education.

If interested in this class please call Betty at 501-796-3627 or email abc@tcworks.net